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GET LAMP: Howard Sherman Interview

Published June 27, 2007

Howard Sherman could best be described as a polarizing figure in the Interactive Fiction community at the time I was doing filming for GET LAMP - in researching possible interview subjects, I would see his name in old newsgroup postings and mentioned by other interviewees, and it was never a neutral reaction. Having spent some time going over his writings and output, I could see why - he's an intense salesman in a community that is not big on intense salesmen. But what I also saw was that he was the type of person who could be selling anything - so why interactive fiction?

I scheduled an interview with him, and spent the afternoon at his place. He mentioned after the interview that he was ready to take on controversy, but I wasn't interested in controversy or personality conflicts as much as wanting to know what drove Howard to choose this medium. And the answer was a deep and close love of all things Infocom and 1980s text games that comes out very strong in the interview you see here.

I also have to note under full disclosure that Howard got me a steak. The steak was awesome.

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